Beige polyester lacing for corsets stays or shoes with the ends finished with metal aglets
Metal aglets for lacing - showIng gunmetal black, bronze , gold and silver suitable for laces for corsetry, stays and footware


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Beige polyester corset lacing tipped with metal aglets - sold by the continuous Metre. If you select 1 you will receive 1 length of lacing 

(Made of tubular polyester this lacing has a modicum stretch but will not stretch further once tightened and knots will not slip)

Feel welcome to get in touch if you are looking for a custom length lace.

Laces are also suitable for shoes/boots. (Add quantity 2 to basket if you require a pair)

Suggested lengths ~ (Length required will vary depending on number of eyelets and whether your corset is worn with a lacing gap. Feel welcome to get in touch if unsure)

Neck corset - 1 Metre

Corset belt - 4 Metres

Waspie - 5 Metres

Underbust corset - 7/8 metres (Depending on length)

Overbust corset - 8/10 metres (Depending on length)