Nearly a year ago I made the resolution to cut back on plastic usage in my day to day life.

I made simple changes to shopping habits like buying fruit and vegetables at the market instead of the big supermarkets. It seems so unneccessary that so many fruit and vegetable products are wrapped in plastic when they have their own protective outer skin- often not eaten anyway. It felt good to also be supporting the local businesses of my town centre.

Around the same time my mum bought me a Tropic Skin Care travel set (vegan and cruelty free) which included a bamboo flannel. I was amazed at how silky soft the fabric was. Much more so than your standard cotton terry towelling face cloth. I always used it with my cleansing routine to remove makeup and thought how convenient it would be to have smaller minature versions.

The Bamboo face wipes make a great alternative to cotton wool and wet wipes which once discarded take a long time to decompose and will clog up sewers and rivers if thrown down the toilet.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable fibre from one of the fasted growing plants. It can be cultivated naturally without the need for pesticides and is biodegrable making it eco friendly.

Bamboo is highly absorbant and quick drying. The bamboo face wipes are double sided (2 ply) bamboo for extra thickness.

In order to reuse the bamboo face wipes, simply add them in the washing machine in a garment bag with your clothes to clean or handwash.

Another bonus to introducing the bamboo face wipes to my beauty routine meant I could totally eliminate plastic wastage from buying cotton wool.

I spent a while sourcing fabric to attain the highest percentage of bamboo fibre and ensuring the finished product was super eco friendly. The fabric I chose- has a 90% fibre content in comparison to other suppliers only offering a 60/70% bamboo fibre.

I also wanted to ensure there was zero wastage from the fabric bought. Any scraps left over from cutting the squares have gone into making random sized face wipes.

Initially when I first started selling the facewipes I recycled any old packaging I had. This led me to reconsider the packaging choices I was using accross my entire brand. At the time of publishing this post I have just updating all my packaging to card boxes and will be phasing out any of the padded envelopes previously used. Another blog post will be written to cover this.

The bamboo reusable facewipes make a great stocking filler present and can be ordered in a pack of 5 or 10. They come in a small pouch to look neat in the bathroom. I pop mine in the glass jar that previously held the cotton wool pads I used to use.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Lets do our little bit to protect this beautiful we live on.

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